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Smart plastics for condition monitoring

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i.Sense EC.P - smart system for push/pull force monitoring in e-chains

 Detects blockages or misalignments 
 Prevents costly damage
 Easy connection to machine control

This smart plastics product consists of the following components:
  • EC.P sensor unit
  • Connecting cables
  • i.Sense evaluation module 
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i.Sense EC.B - Smart system for detecting breakage of the e-chain | for travel length up to 35 m

  • Module (EC = e-chain B = break detection) detects breaks in individual chain links
  • A rope is passed through the e-chain and tightened to record any change in length and report it to the EC.B. sensor.
  • This detects chain breaks, shuts down the system and prevents further damage
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i.Sense CF.P - Smart system for monitoring the tensile force of the cable

  • The CF.P sensor measures the tensile forces on the cables
  • Permanently increased tensile forces can lead to cable damage and in the worst case, cable fire
  • The CF.P sensor identifies maintenance that has been carried out incorrectly on the cables
  • Data is stored on an SD card and can be read out for analysis
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i.Sense CF.Q - Smart system for monitoring the cable quality

  • Avoid unplanned system downtime due to cable failures when using chainflex® cables outside the chainflex® guarantee conditions!
  • Detect mechanical stress of chainflex® cables under extreme operating conditions at an early stage.
  • Plan maintenance work cost-effectively in advance
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smart plastics | Individual parts | CF.P-Sensor

The CF.P sensor measures the tensile forces on the cables
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