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Robot control software for gantries, delta robots & robotic arms

This set enables you to control a robolink® D robot arm, a drylin® linear robot or a delta robot. With the corresponding software, you can program and move the robot via a graphical user interface.


  • Modular, control system based on top-hat (DIN) rail, easy to extend
  • Smooth motion with 1/256 microstepping
  • Energy saving operation with adaptive current control: Trinamics StallGuard2 and CoolStep Technologies
  • Intuitive control and programming environment with interactive 3D user interface
  • Programming commands like Joint, Linear, If-Then-Else, DigitalOut, Loop ...
  • Interface to remote computer via TCP/IP
  • ROS packages are available
  • Options like control cabinet, pneumatic gripper etc. are available

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  • DIN rail module support
  • Top-hat (DIN) rail module stepper
  • Top-hat (DIN) rail module digital-IO
  • Connectors and cables (CAN, supply, motor connectors ...)
  • igus® Robot Control software for Windows
  • Documentation

Components necessary for operation, but not included:

  • igus® robolink D robot arm
  • Windows 10 PC/laptop
  • 24V power supply (please see our control cabinet with integrated power supply)
  • Gripper (please see the gripper set)
  • Safety components


Software for programming: Available for free

  • 3D Surface
  • Intuitive operator control
  • Axis linear movements
  • Connection via Ethernet
  • Easy-to-maintain DIN rail modules
  • Control system for 4, 5, 6-axis robot arms
  • Control system for 3, 4-axis linear robots
  • Control system for delta robot
Scope of supply: igus® Robot Control system and software, 24 V power supply unit, connecting cable.

Also necessary: Windows PC, power supply unit, gripper, safety-relevant components.

Robot programming with igus Robot Control

Tech up

Tech up

  • First robotics control software by igus
  • Programming and integration of robots for everyone
  • Available in control cabinet or on top-hat (DIN) rail assembly
  • For linear robots, delta robots and robot arms

Cost down

Cost down

  • Try our programming software for free online before purchase
  • Digital Twin feature
  • Simple intuitive operation even for non-system integrators
  • Save integration effort; order complete bundle including grippers and vision components via robotics platform RBTX

3 steps, 3 minutes, control robots

Steps irc

Step 1: selecting the kinematics

Select your required robot application.


Step 2: connecting the robot

Connect the physical robot to the software by connecting the hardware, resetting the errors and activating the motors.  


Step 3: referencing the robot

Only after referencing the robot is it possible to execute programmed, Cartesian movements. 

Robots_ready to operate

GO! Your robot is ready to operate

The robot can now be controlled via the Windows PC or handheld with the display as control element.


Operating instructions igus® Robot Control
Operating instructions igus® Robot Control